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【上苑评述】“超结构主义群展”观后感 | 王德才​​

[2023-8-6 17:43:36]

【上苑评述】“超结构主义群展”观后感 | 王德才

The View on the "Superstructuralism Group Exhibition" at Shangyuan Art Museum

王德才 Wang Decai
(Associate Professor, Academic Member, School of Art and Design, Tianjin University of Science and Technology)


Art activities are one of the main ways of expressing the spiritual world of human society. We are still facing many difficulties and helplessness in the current era of rapid technological development. For example, environmental pollution, natural disasters, injuries, diseases, and aging are still unavoidable and we cannot find good solutions. Fortunately, with art, people can think and express themselves, healing their mental pain.



The "Superstructuralism Group Exhibition", sponsored by Shangyuan Art Museum in Beijing and co curated by Tang Jun and Zhan Mingzhao, attracted artists from all over the country, Taiwan, Australia and France to actively participate. The theme of this exhibition is the curator’s "Superstructuralism" art thought, and it is divided into several units: other world, the structure of the idea, different life, dark planet, and cool art history. Artists showcase their works in their respective professional forms of painting, animation, sculpture, action art, and text. Many of these works are very distinctive and impressive, making them a rich and enthusiastic visual feast for visitors.


郭庆利的《水之态》是个动态装置,构思巧妙,能感受到流动且不确定的线条和肌理形态之美。汤军的《时间之轴》装置看似简单,但其中蕴含了作者对空间、时间、维度的多重理解和想象,从三维、四维到十维空间,不同的维度轴代表着不同的认知,包含了对镜像与纠缠等物理学现象的思考。吕美的纸本水墨《无题之一》用最难以表现硬度和清晰度的水墨技法,表现规律交错的直线,在直线中显现黑洞、白洞,体现超时空的幻想。澳大利亚艺术家Michael Downs的《能量2》,通过混合媒介以及被直线和自由曲线分割的几何形、偶然形,再加上丰富的色彩组合,来阐释能量的概念,具有“解构主义”形式。贾诗凡油画《精神解剖》通过传统架上绘画的方式,展示出对于人体的精神解剖,充满奇思遐想。当然其他艺术家的作品也都质量很高,特别是那些行为艺术和文字符号作品,这些实验艺术作品向观众展示着独特的艺术主张和思考。

Guo Qingli’s "The State of Water" is a dynamic device, cleverly designed to feel the beauty of flowing and uncertain lines and texture shapes. The installation of Tang Jun’s "Axis of Time" may seem simple, but it contains the author’s multiple understanding and imagination of space, time, and dimensions. From three-dimensional, four-dimensional to ten-dimensional space, different dimension axes represent different cognitions, including reflections on physical phenomena such as mirroring and entanglement. Lv Mei’s paper based ink and wash "Untitled One" uses the most difficult ink and wash technique to express hardness and clarity, depicting alternating straight lines, revealing black holes and white holes in the straight lines, reflecting the fantasy of transcending time and space. The Australian artist Michael Downs’ Energy 2 explains the concept of energy through mixed media, geometric shapes and accidental shapes separated by straight lines and free curves, plus rich color combinations, and has the form of "Deconstruction". Jia Shifan’s oil painting "Spiritual Anatomy" showcases the spiritual anatomy of the human body through traditional easel painting, full of imaginative ideas. Of course, the works of other artists are also of high quality, especially those of Performance art and character symbols. These experimental art works show the audience unique artistic ideas and thinking.



One of the most important features of contemporary art is the symbolization of the work, thereby enhancing recognition. At Bauhaus College, artists, engineers and young artists of style, composition, Dada, cold and hot abstractions broadened the field of art exploration and influenced the later Pop art. These art forms have become the spiritual heritage of the world. Now abstract artists who study simple forms have a new understanding in the new era.



Tang Jun is an artist with pioneering thinking, and his thought of "Superstructuralism" is very advanced. He defines "super-structure" as meaning "beyond the structure of daily spacetime". Superstructuralism is a new concept of time and space, a constantly innovative concept of spacetime. Superstructuralism wants to break the four-dimensional spacetime of reality and gain new understanding, new knowledge and new knowledge of other spacetime.




With the continuous development of quantum mechanics, Superstring theory and universe exploration, super Structuralism will certainly show new artistic forms and contents. Tang Jun pointed out that the new art history faces this universe and various different time and space, as well as the artists who explore these time and space. And daily time and space art is only a small part of it. Through this exhibition, I saw the presentation of his advocated art form. Of course, different artists have different understandings, but what is commendable is that they have created a shocking artistic power together.



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