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[2019-8-13 17:32:52]


 Li Lü Solo Exhibition


参展艺术家/ Artist:

李律(中国)Li Lü (China)


Academic moderator: Li Yun (Sheena)


Poster: sun Yukun


City of Exhibition: Beijing


Opening:  3:30 pm, 17st August, 2019


Duration: August 17st to 24th, 2019

地点:北京怀柔区桥梓镇沙峪口村 上苑艺术馆二号展厅

Location: Exhibition Hall No. 2, Shangyuan Art Museum, Qiaozi County, Huairou District, Beijing


Organizer: Shangyuan Art Museum







Installation and performance art, the reinterpretation of the relationship between man and space, will fold and unfold the dimensions of the universe, showing the sensory feast of excellence, body, touch, and dharma. This kind of re-interpretation of the original text of the world, through the transforming and remarking of symbols, the deconstruction of grammar and the superposition of poetry, extends the definition of art infinitely, and permeates the world with the postmodern language. It reverses and dissociates between the dark channels of "art" and "craft", but inputs vitality into mediocre daily life.

Li Lü, a new young artist who grew up in northwest China, closely combines ancient beauty with avant-garde contemporary art, trying to bring the unique flavor of art to the viewer, and what is more important is to let the viewers thinking deeply. She is like an awakening hidden in the collective subconscious, and even brings traditional medical moxibustion, ancient movable printing techniques and so on into the category of her own performance and installation art to explore the changes of civilization. In fact, in the vast land of the northwest China, there are all kinds of original beliefs, all kinds of ancient rituals, national totems, which are closely related to religion, just like the earliest existence of performance and installation art. Li Lü with her profound cultural complex, gradually integrate the east and the west through the ancient and modern, with art to close to the nature and the mind, link sentient beings, which is in line with Buddhist and Taoist practice. She also imported images, lights, paintings, and other ways into her works, and after initializing the text, she continued to expand the depth and breadth of the artistic language.

Xi Na

August 8th, 2019  

Yan Mountain

作品:《皆为虚妄》 It’s all false.



All sentient beings suffer.


作品简介:众生被困于粘鼠板上 挣扎着却始终无法逃脱


Introduction: sentient beings are trapped on the sticky mouse board but have always been unable to escape the exposition of the work: sentient beings are trapped by their own changing thoughts and emotions because of their desires and behaviors, trapped by their own changing thoughts and emotions, trapped by persistent circumstances, trapped by dogma, trapped by the system, trapped by anxiety and needs, trapped by the original family. 



Pipe dream



Introduction: unawakened beings indulge in changing illusions in a three-dimensional environment, resulting in emotions of joy, anger, sadness and following the outside world. They have never discovered the source of the illusion and are unwilling to discover the truth of things.



—— 苏丰雷(诗人、批评人)

I attach great importance to Li Law’s works in a general perspective, because of the real experience and the basic objective understanding of life and society. Good art creators are always in the progress of Faustus-like feeling and thinking of the world, pursuing the "new day" of self and works in a kind of "delay". 

Su Fenglei (poet, critic)



Among the friends I know, Li Law’s works are very close to the ’art’ defined in my heart. In that loose and complex group of works, showing a world full of suspicion, she can use a very euphemistic way to express her understanding of things, and even use a humble angle to film life that ordinary people do not understand, of course, she can also silently write a diary through time like a child. His work will not directly tell you what you really want to express, but it does not matter, feel it with your heart, like reading an essay, through time, slowly understand. 

Mr. Ash (artist)


——  青作(艺术家)

Li law’s works are thinking about the current Chinese context, considering the details between religious and political issues, the extremes of the results can also be expected, please continue the endless social criticism. 

Qing Zuo (artists)


—— 张默颖(导演)

Li law’s works are always connected with the real society, I especially like Li law’s photography works, deep and heavy, the artist himself can always capture and freeze some just right moments, so that the silent photography has more power than reality. Look forward to the artist’s better work! 

Zhang Moying (director)



90后女艺术家  出生于甘肃兰州  现居北京

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交通指南 :


□京承高速12出口 > 右拐过水渠西行2KM > 良善庄路口北行到底>右拐300m路北


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