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【现场】上苑艺术馆 2020国际创作计划 开幕展 Shangyuan Art Museum 202

[2020-8-26 19:17:32]


Shangyuan Art Museum

2020 International Residency Program

Opening Exhibition

参展艺术家/ Participants:

高树杰 Gao Shujie/侯聪平 Hou Congping/何家明 He Jiaming/胡铃翊 Hu Lingyi/黄翠 Huang Cui/姜佳鑫 Jiang Jiaxin/刘志华 Liu Zhihua/莫籽 Mos/孙玉坤 Sun Yukun/宋梓豪 Song Zihao/王刘健 Wang Liujian/王庆祥 Wang Qingxiang/王小利 Wang Xiaoli/王威 Wang Wei/席拿 Xina/ 薛耀军 Xue Yaojun/于开源 Yu Kaiyuan/岳向辉Yue Xianghui/詹明昭 Zhan Mingzhao/周畅 Zhou Chang


City: Beijing


Opening:  3:30 pm, August 16th, 2020


Duration: August 16th till 30th, 2020 

地点:北京怀柔区桥梓镇沙峪口村 上苑艺术馆二号展厅

Venue: Exhibition Hall No. 2, Shangyuan Art Museum, Qiaozi County, Huairou District, Beijing


Organizer: Shangyuan Art Museum



2020年是非常特殊的一年,使上苑艺术馆 “国际创作计划”推迟四个月开馆,也阻拦了国外艺术家的到来。但仍然有22位优秀的艺术家,迎着盛夏的阳光来了。

2020 is a very unique year, it delayed our residency program for four month, and it also prevented foreign artists to parcitipate in the program. However, we still manage to have 22 talented artists coming to Shangyuan in the peak of summer heat. 


Shangyuan Art Museum currently runs the biggest nonprofit multi-disciplinary residency program in the world. We promote the viewpoint that ‘artistic creations with innovative and poetic characteristics should be inspired by individual experience of artists’ life conditions’, and to discover great artworks in the field. For more than a decade since our establishment in 2007, we have witnessed the rise and fall of contemporary Chinese art and have come a force in art world that cannot be ignored.

本次开幕展,是2020年驻留艺术家的第一次作品集体亮相,我们期待在北京上苑艺术馆与你相遇!  让我们一起进入这个不同凡响的夏天!

This exhibition is the first collective appearance of the works of our 2020 residency program participants. We are looking forward to your visit. Let us start this summer together with this exhibition!


Shangyuan Art Museum


Conscious thinking (as the idea expressed in art should be realized in consciousness) comes from experience, so are techniques. To form such dual experiences in art construction requires a lot of time to think and find inspiration with almost religious piety. It is very difficult to achieve any degree of maturity and have an actual impact on art production.


What Shangyuan Art Museum have been constructing and practicing are exactly the interaction, permeation and mutual inspiration of these dual experiences among different artists, even among artists from different discipline. Of course, not all can be achieved here. But if you pay enough attention, here can be one of the most important stop of your career as an artist. To be more precise, Shangyuan Art Museum is not utopia, but she is the one that closest to utopia. The infrastructure can be improved, and resident artists should make better use of the resources here. However, what makes here special is the rare presence of freedom. She, as a private organization with very transparent management, protects the freedom of communication among individuals. That is also why Shangyuan became a sanctuary for artists to work, develop and interact with each other. You can spare more time to learn from others, or just stay inside and do some soul searching. Except from compulsory group activities, nobody will force you to do anything. What you want to do during the residency programme is essentially up to yourself. Let me clear, this is not a platform for you to get famous, but a place where you can start, transform or mature yourself and quest for the dual experiences as an artist. This is some of my experience as a resident artist here.


2016 Program resident peot: Su Fenglei


The museum for many years is providing timely help to needed artists, even though there are rarely any payback. For artists, come here and gain experiences that can make leave a trace in their memory is already worth it.


2012 Program resident artist: Zhang Zhigang


selection of exhibition works






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