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[2019-9-16 21:53:22]


A Crack in Time: Lee Yun Solo Exhibition of Photography

参展艺术家/Artist:席拿 Lee Yun

展览城市/City:北京 Beijing


展览时间/Duration:2019/09/21 - 09/27


Shangyuan Art Museum, Qiaozi County, Huairou District, Beijing

前言 Preface






澳洲中华电视台主席 宿陲婴


The Crack Of Time, all the images and texts here are the awareness of the one who is wandering and searching. Use cameras to capture the fleeting moments, lights and shadows. Traveling in time, feeling the light.

Walk on the road, leaving traces.

Time flies like a white pony’s shadow across a crevice.

Coming and going, nature takes care of itself.

The deed has its ground, and the mystery has its place.

To see it or to walk it, the manifestation of self.

With light and dust, return to infinity.

Su Chuiying, Chairman of Australian Chinese Television, Sep.2019





                                                     席拿  2019中秋

It’s said, there are nine skies and nine states.

Since the beginning of the world, there had been determined footsteps of the seekers on this land, reclaiming the sea and filling the sky, chasing the falling sun and flying to the moon. The stories here are profound and everlasting. However, human intelligence thrives, Tao falls and the devil is tall. All living creatures toss and turn in desires, leaves souls scattered. It might be the time to call back the spirit of the lost.

From five sacred mountains to Zhongnan mountain, from Kunlun to Himalayas, a long journey has been taken, to see the source of waters and mountain, the origin of Tao.

Standing by the ancient road, as if stopped by the crack in time, smelling the fragrance of the past. The work explores the intrinsic relationship between human spirit and the heaven and the earth. It is said that the soul is coming and going with the divine light , and the spirit will transit with the inner essence.

Lee Yun, Mid-Autumn Festival, 2019


作品选登 Selected Works


Tibetan Child, photograph


Woman in pilgrimage, photograph

穆斯林头巾,摄影微喷, 34X46cm

Muslim turban, photograph


Wanderer in Rishikesh 


Homeless kids, photograph

恒河边的男子,摄影微喷, 34X46CM

Man by the Ganges, photograph


Kathmandu, photograph

艺术家简介 Artist’s Profile





1993年-1996年,新加坡,克利夫教育学院(Clifford Educational Centre),学习英语专业。



1999年,澳大利亚著名画家George Gittoes 的工作助理和翻译。中央电视台艺术星空节目临时助理。澳大利亚ABC广播公司纪录片临时助理。

2000年-2004年,居住澳大利亚。开始大量素描写生,创作油画。作品陈列在Chapel by the sea 悉尼Bondi海滩的教堂里,多幅作品被慈善机构Mathew Talbot Center 收藏。参加悉尼各种慈善画展。并且组合乐队《街边玫瑰》参加911后的各种民间演出。










1986-1989,Shaoyang University, Hunan province. Majored in Mathematics, then changed to literature department. 

1989-1990,Studied arts with prestigious sketch master professor Chen Xichuan.

1991, Beijing Dance Academy, studied ethnic and modern dance.

1992-1993, Capital Artist, Hong Kong, trained to be a singer.

1993-1996, Clifford Educational Centre, Singapore, studied English.

1997, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, studied art design.

1999, Worked as an assistant and translator for Peace prize winner, Australia war artist George Gittoes. Also an assistant for the program <Art sky> CCTV., and helped to make art documentaries for Australia ABC.

2000-2004, living in Australia, did a lot of live drawings and paintings reflecting social issues. Works were permanently displayed in Chapel by the sea, Bondi Beach. Oil paintings were collected by some charity organization, such as Mathew Talbot Center. Became a member of music band “Street Roses”, performed in many events after “911“, the terrorists’ attack in NY.

2005, Opened an ‘Music-English course’ in Beijing, practiced in several music schools to promote the understanding of western pop music.

2006-2008, Administrative work for overseas students in an educational consulting company, PRC-study.

2009-2013, Teaching mandarin for Ambassies, and English for Chinese students. Beijing Carl Duisberg Centre.

2014-2015, Directed the first movie “Breathing”, a work delving into the deep relationship between the environment and human being. In the same year, a solo concert “The son of Yangtze River ” was held in the music club “JIangjinjiu”.

2016. Directed the second movie “Heartthrob”, a work reflecting the lives of floating population in Beijing,

2017. Participated an international sculpture making event in Shandong province. The sculpture series “Echoes from past” were made from heavy rusty steel tubes, and the idea is to recycle the valuable industrial waste.

2018. Producing a documentary “Life beyond the clouds”, a story about the reclusive hermits living in Zhongnan mountain. Then on a journey to follow the traces of Taoism, from Zhoukou,  Heinan province, where Laozi was born, to Zhouzhi, Shanxi province, finally made way to Kunlun and Himalayans, Nepal and Indian. Made a documentary “A Crack In Time”, and slides show of the photographs that taken during the journey.

2019. Became a member of international art residency at Shangyuan Museum, Beijing. Mufti-media work “Wall series” participated the opening exhibition. And   performance art work “Virtual world”.


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