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【现场】 “融” 末小末(中国) & Sara Ghahramani(伊朗)双个展8日在上苑艺术馆举

[2017-10-6 11:34:28]

【现场】 “融” 末小末(中国) & Sara Ghahramani(伊朗)双个展8日在上苑艺术馆举办

FUSE’double Exhibition by Xiaomo-Mo(China) & Sara Ghahramani (Iran) Held in Shangyuan Art Museum




艺术家| Artist:末小末(中国)Sara Ghahramani(伊朗)双个展



Opening:  October 8th 2017 3:30 pm


展览时间:2017年10月8日~ 2017年10月14日

Show time: October 8th 2017 - October 14th 2017



Venue: Shangyuan Art Museum, Qiaozi County, Huairou District, Beijing



Organizer: Shangyuan Art Museum

你躲在哪儿 纸本水彩 2017 20x24cm(上苑艺术馆收藏)




Artist Statement

 It is a sunny day. Light is slipping through the branches and leaves making mysterious shapes and faces on the ground. I sit on the stairs outside in the shadow of the tiny leaves in irresistible warmth. The light and the leaves give me the most generous gift. With the blowing breeze, for a moment, all the sorrows and unfairness go away. They move away along with the wind until I see no more than their faded trace. I don’t realize how long I have been sitting there but when I finally get up it is as if nothing has ever happened, I don’t even shake the dust off my dress. I go back to my easel, pick up the brush and start to paint the ugly monsters. My monsters will have smiling eyes and will be in the color of the rainbow. It seems as if there has never been in my life any heartache or misery.

When I stop painting I look at the flowing line of paint on the paper and I see everything in life goes along with the flow of the water and color. Painting becomes part of my life; it becomes a record of the past in the present. My painting becomes like the water full of accidents and emotions. It is a train of thoughts passing through my mind over and over until it reaches a balance, a balanced existence, which is achieved through replaying my life from the past up until now.

At last, I realize that the clouds and trees I see in the water are not real. They are just a reflection of the real, the same way as the monsters in my mind are not real. I believe the water like the wind can wash away the sorrows.




Xiaomo’s work is a reflection of her real inner world, she was built for himself a sufficient safety zone, and hide in the vent her anxiety, anxiety and confusion of the world.The unique, childish, or figurative or abstract designs faithfully record her exploration and struggle in the daily experience and art practice.
Xiaomo’s work is also a poetic, her everyday experience with keen sensibility to capture the various contingency, and to convert it and present vivid imagination.
Under the strong sunlight "superwoman" appearance inhabit a weak thin girl and grief sentimental poet.Person’s original purity is expensive as treasures, but more valuable is after the rich life experience, also can stick to the inner of pure and sincere, looking for export in the confusion, looking for light in the dark, at the end of the small is such an artist.

24x24系列之三 纸本综合 2017 21x28cm(上苑艺术馆收藏)

Sara Ghahramani 自述:


 "Dziga Vertov"

我的作品包括频繁的改变,通过这些改变,我将创意的创作叙述到画中。 覆盖、恢复、绘画和报废,每幅画的起点隐藏在画面层下,作为一种标记制作的方法,我的绘画在一个视觉空间内发展,形式对彼此作出反应,我试图构建绘画过程的概念叙述,它演化为完整的形象。随着形状和形式在抽象与表现之间的振荡,我的绘画也呈现出这种流动状态,实际上抽象与表现之间的这种振荡是我的一种翻译行为。 

 Artist Statement

“Freed from the boundaries of time and space, I co-ordinate any and all points of the universe, wherever I want them to be. My way leads towards the creation of a fresh perspective of the world. Thus I explain in a new way the world unknown to you.”

Dziga Vertov

Through challenging the boundaries of abstraction and representation, I investigate the transformation of subject matter to the painted image. Starting from variety of source materials from film to found images, my work emerges during the physical process of painting in the studio.

My work includes frequent alterations through which I build the narrative for the translation of ideas into the painting. Covered, recovered, painted and scrapped, the starting point of each painting is hidden deep under layers of drips and paint. As a result of different ways of mark making, my paintings develop within a visual space where forms react to each other in an attempt to build a conceptual narrative of the painting process rather than a finished image. My paintings evolve in a state of flux as the shapes and forms oscillate between abstraction and representation. This oscillation between abstraction and representation is in fact an act of translation.


【参展艺术家及作品选刊 】


● NO.01 ● 末小末作品选刊

等待 纸本水彩 2017 60x90cm(上苑艺术馆收藏)

对海洋的渴望 纸本水彩 2017 18x26cm.(上苑艺术馆收藏)

对和平的向往 纸本水彩 2017 60x90cm.(上苑艺术馆收藏)

蓝色系列十二 纸本综合 2017 90x90cm.(上苑艺术馆收藏)

轮回 纸本水彩 2017 18x26cm.(上苑艺术馆收藏)

收获的季节 纸本水彩 2017 26x40cm.(上苑艺术馆收藏)

守护 纸本水彩 2017 60x90cm.(上苑艺术馆收藏)

相遇 纸本水彩 2017 13x19cm(上苑艺术馆收藏)

● NO.02 ● Sara Ghahramani (伊朗)作品选刊

24x24系列之八 纸本综合 2017 21x28cm(上苑艺术馆收藏)

24x24系列之二 纸本综合 2017 21x28cm(上苑艺术馆收藏)

24x24系列之六 纸本综合 2017 21x28cm(上苑艺术馆收藏)

24x24系列之七 纸本综合 2017 21x28cm(上苑艺术馆收藏)

24x24系列之四 纸本综合 2017 21x28cm.(上苑艺术馆收藏)

24x24系列之五 纸本综合 2017 21x28cm.(上苑艺术馆收藏)

24x24系列之一 纸本综合 2017 21x28cm.(上苑艺术馆收藏)




自由艺术家 插画师
现居北京, 2017年4月入选北京上苑艺术馆成为驻馆艺术家。
Free artist .illustrator born in 1983 in Wenzhou China. Currently live and work in Beijing as an museum artists for ShangYuan Art Gallery in April 2017.


2017年4月 桥—北京上苑艺术馆 2017“国际创作计划”开幕展
2017年5月 尽在其中—当代绘画邀请展 北京农展馆
2017年8月【青春美术公社】“快乐+灵感+创造”学员作品展 殷村 常州
2017年8月 “靠近而行”当代艺术展 东·空间 宋庄 北京

Exhibition experience
April 2017 Bridge: 2017 Shangyuan Art Museum International Residency Program Opening Exhibition   Shangyuan Art Museum, Beijing, China
IMay 2017, All in one:invitational exhibition of contemporary painting  Beijing NongZhanGuan China
August 2017, "youth art commune": "happy and inspiration to create" exhibition Yin village Changzhou China
In August 2017, "Near":exhibition of contemporary painting  East space Songzhuang Beijing China

Sara Ghahramani Curriculum Vitae(简历)



2016OCAD University, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Toronto, Canada

2010University of Science and Culture, Bachelor of Design, Tehran, Iran



2014InsideOut, Golden Eagle Gallery, Nanjing, China



2016Experiencing Perspectives, Mercedes-Benz Financial Headquarter, Mississauga, Canada

Yorkville Village Arts Festival, Yorkville Village, Toronto, Canada

Why the &%#! Do You Paint?, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, Canada

Walnut Career Launcher, Walnut Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

GradEx 101, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada

Festival of the Body, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada

The Big Draw, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada

2015We Abide Our Secrets, Arsysna Garden, Blue Roof Museum, Chengdu, China

2013Impromptu, gallerywest, Toronto, Canada

Festival of the Body, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada

Art of the Body, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada

20113rd Generation, Shafagh Gallery, Tehran, Iran



2012Josephine M. Harper Scholarship



2015Blue Roof Museum Artist Residency Program, Chengdu, China

2014OJS Exhchange Program, Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing, China


北京·上苑艺术馆 “国际创作计划”(艺术驻留) 常年接受申请








【现场】《在可说的这一切》毋蓬勃个展  21日在上苑艺术馆

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【上苑艺术馆】 2009-2010驻馆艺术家作品价目表





北京 上苑艺术馆-107平米房屋转让-相关资料及实景图



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