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[2016-10-6 9:01:37]


Shangyuan Art Museum 2016 International Residency Programme Annual Exhibition


City: Beijing

人:程小蓓、 肖毓方、 张志刚、 苏丰雷

Curator: Cheng Xiaobei, Xiao Yufang, Zhang Zhigang, Su Fenglei

展览时间:201610~ 20174

Period: October 2016 to April 2017 

地点:北京怀柔区桥梓镇沙峪口村 上苑艺术馆一号展厅、二号展厅、图书馆

Venue: Shangyuan Art Museum, Qiaozi County, Huairou District, Beijing


Organizer: Shangyuan Art Museum


参展艺术家/ Artist

COLETIVO QUATRO PATAS(巴西)、Dani Godreau(美国)、Ludwika Ogorzelec(法国)、刘磊、高鹏、古洪强、 María Peña Coto(西班牙)、曲盈、毋蓬勃、王毅、王晓冬、王雅慧、王戎、王元元、冼朝干、Yanyi SunnyJiang(比利时)、闫科含、杨伟能、张涛、张懿

 COLETIVO QUATRO PATAS, Dani Godreau, Ludwika Ogorzelec,Liu Gao Peng, Gu Hongqiang, María Peña Coto, Qu Ying, Wu Penbo, Wang Yi, Wang Xiaodong, Wang Yahui, Wang Rong, Wang Yuanyuan, Xian Zhaogan, Yanyi "Sunny" Jiang, Yan Kehang, Yang Weineng, Zhang Tao,Zhang Yi 





Conscious thinking (as the idea expressed in art should be realized in consciousness) comes from experience, so are techniques. To form such dual experiences in art construction requires a lot of time to think and find inspiration with almost religious piety. It is very difficult to achieve any degree of maturity and have an actual impact on art production.



What Shangyuan Art Museum have been constructing and practicing are exactly the interaction, permeation and mutual inspiration of these dual experiences among different artists, even among artists from different discipline. Of course, not all can be achieved here. But if you pay enough attention, here can be one of the most important stop of your career as an artist. To be more precise, Shangyuan Art Museum is not utopia, but she is the one that closest to utopia. The infrastructure can be improved, and resident artists should make better use of the resources here. However, what makes here special is the rare presence of freedom. She, as a private organization with very transparent management, protects the freedom of communication among individuals. That is also why Shangyuan became a sanctuary for artists to work, develop and interact with each other. You can spare more time to learn from others, or just stay inside and do some soul searching. Except from compulsory group activities, nobody will force you to do anything. What you want to do during the residency programme is essentially up to yourself. Let me clear, this is not a platform for you to get famous, but a place where you can start, transform or mature yourself and quest for the dual experiences as an artist. This is some of my experience as a resident artist here.

                                                                                                                                                       ——苏丰雷Su Fenglei 



As the biggest nonprofit residency programme in the world, 2016 International Residency Programme Annual Exhibition is a very important part of Shangyuan Art Museum’s annual residency programme. It is also a chance for self-reflection for resident artists.



Every year, artists from all around the world come and go. Among them, there are those eccentric ones, ones with great talent, helpful ones, selfish ones, dreamers, hard workers and the ones that you befriend with. We talk, discuss, drink alcohol, enjoy tea, stare at blank wall and work. 



The museum for many years is providing timely help to needed artists, even though there are rarely any payback. For artists, come here and gain experiences that can make leave a trace in their memory is already worth it.



The gaze of inspection in an exhibition is also encouragement, through which you can look back at yourself and seek a peaceful ending which will allow you to find a new start. There is an old saying in China:” Let’s forget ourselves in the rivers and lakes”. In fact, have we ever forget those who left a trace in our life? We come and go, the memory is still fresh. What we have taken and left is not only art, but piece of life.

                                                                                                                                  ——张志刚Zhang Zhigang 


This is the 9th year of Shangyuan Art Museum’s International Residency Programme.



As an organization specialized in residency programme, we are gaining international recognition every year. Annually we receive applications from artists from over 20 countries. This year, we have 38 artists from 7 different countries and regions, among them there are painters, poets, musicians, sculptors and etc. Now the 6-month residency period has passed, it is time for time to show everyone what they have achieved here. We warmly welcome everyone come and see the exhibition.


作品选刊/Selected works

姜燕依 下蹲行为 The Squat Performance 布面油画 毛线编织 35×35cm

Ludwika Ogorzelec  平衡作品13-综合材料-100x70cm


Ludwika Ogorzelec  平衡作品12-综合材料-100x70cm

刘磊 铜雕 25X25 《紧箍咒》

 COLETIVO QUATRO PATAS 巴西  优生意识1 100×170cm 综合材料

COLETIVO QUATRO PATAS 巴西  优生意识2  100×170cm 综合材料

Dani Godreau(丹妮·戈德罗 剪纸 美国)~女同  60X80  ,  纸本水墨


María Peña Coto(西班牙)~《远乡》综合材料  70X100




王小冬《生灵》小油画 196cm-93cm



冼朝干 《我在呼喊,但你听不见一》 布面油画,80×145cm

杨伟能 精灵系列1 80×80cm 布面油画



张懿《一切有为法》  50X60cm    纸上铅笔水彩


北京·上苑艺术馆 “国际创作计划”(艺术驻留) 常年接受申请






【现场】《在可说的这一切》毋蓬勃个展  21日在上苑艺术馆

【现场】“无人栖居” 王毅、闫科含双个展

【现场】 记忆:后视镜中的戏剧——上苑艺术馆主题项目展




【上苑艺术馆】 2009-2010驻馆艺术家作品价目表




北京 上苑艺术馆-107平米房屋转让-相关资料及实景图


北京 上苑艺术馆-------------

上苑 & 鸟巢-文学艺术国际联盟(简称:国际文盟)

International Network of Literature and Art(INLA)

电话: 010-60635299 60635757

Website: http://www.inlac.cc/


上苑艺术馆官网 http://www.syartmuseum.com/


□京承高速12出口 > 右拐过水渠西行2KM > 良善庄路口北行到底>右拐300m路北


【现场】 壳 SHELL- 姜燕依个人作品展 9月16日在上苑艺术馆开幕
[现场]“无人栖居” 王毅、闫科含双个展 9月11日在上苑艺术馆
[现场]“黑夜给了我黑色的眼睛” 王小冬个展
王元元 - 上苑艺术馆驻馆创作作品展
[现场]出山-古洪强个展 在上苑艺术馆
Ludwika Ogorzelec(法国-上苑驻馆艺术家)2016新作
【候选人名单】 上苑艺术馆2017年“国际创作计划”(艺术驻留)公告