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【现场】欧洲三女画家作品展-阿琳(法国) 朱丽亚(意大利) 索菲亚(波兰)

[2015-10-3 8:09:16]

【现场】欧洲三女画家作品展-阿琳(法国) 朱丽亚(意大利) 索菲亚(波兰)

[field] Three European Female Artists Joint Exhibition: Aline Ivars, Giulia Spugnoli, Zofia Blazko


主  题:阿琳——装置、塑料和自然; 朱丽亚——情感,社会,对象:复杂的人类; 索菲亚——肖像

Title: Aline Ivars "Installation Plastic Nature";Zofia Blazko "Portrait" ;

      Giulia Spugnoli "Feelings, society, objects: complexity of human beings".

参展艺术家: 阿琳(法国), 朱丽亚(意大利),索菲亚(波兰)

Artist :Aline Ivars (France),Giulia Spugnoli (Italy),Zofia Blazko (Poland)

策展人: 程小蓓

Curator: Cheng Xiaobei


Show time: 10-01 to 10-04.2015


Opening Hour: Oct 1th 16:00pm

Oct 1th 17:00pm Guzheng Live Concert

地点:北京怀柔区桥梓镇 上苑艺术馆一楼展厅

Venue: Beijing, Huairou District, Qiaozi County - Shangyuan Art Museum Hall First Floor


Organizer:Shangyuan Art Museum


"Painting is an interior travel with origin and arrival point in the world."



These three artists came to Shangyuan during August. In the 3 month residency programme, they spent a lot

of time with Chinese artists. Absorbing new ideas and inspirations from this land like sponge absorbing

water. They invoke the inner spirituality to travel through the homogeneous world of art and finally

reached the canvas in the East.

阿琳(Aline Ivars) 从2008年开始,她参加了法国和欧洲的各类展览,现在是她通过美学方法来自省的阶段。她在巨大的




Aline Ivars:

"InstallationPlastic Natural"

AlineIvars exposes the start of his residency project at the Museum of Shanguyan .Surrounded by nature

and mountains , the artist wishes to ask what is therelationship between nature and the plastic created

by man. Thus creatinginstallations with natural elements , wood, stones ... and plastic items suchas toys ,

food bags ... which allowed him to be in direct contact with natureand the Chinese population to found her

After his residency in Africa where the plastic is recycled in a positive way ,it wishes to develop the

project to mix these two materials that surround theman daily.

Aline Ivars: "Installation Plastic Nature" 装置、塑料和自然

Aline Ivars exposes the start of his residency project at the Museum of Shangyuan. Surrounded by nature and mountains, the artist

wishes to ask what the relationship between nature and the plastic created by man is. Thus creating installations with natural elements,

wood, stones ... and plastic items such as toys, food bags ... which allowed her to be in direct contact with nature and the Chinese

population to found her material.



After his residency in Africa where the plastic is recycled in a positive way, it wishes to develop the project to mix these two materials that

surround the man daily.


朱丽亚(Giulia Spugnoli) 从自己的潜意识出发,在抽象的颜色所带的情感力量与外部社会发生关系,在材料与形象中选择与构成,



Giulia Spugnoli: “Feelings, society, objects: complexity of human beings” 情感,社会,对象:复杂的人类

Through my paintings, I have met new friends, this culture, nature and landscapes, which expands my aesthetic view in a

more broad way. I work with memory and feelings that marks my being, living with myself in the “here and now“. Hearing

echoes from my background culture that can be amplified in a new environment.



I approached China with all my love. With my eyes I have had beautiful deep visions of this reality, of its culture and society,

of its economic production, that I filter with my personal aesthetic interpretation and research that I call „ Rude beauty“.



As my project was to paint about the complexity of human being, I have worked on this topic through my poetic language

about the contemporary world, the „Rude Beauty“. As common point of view for every place, I am often upset by simple

scenes that collides with my eyes and my sensibility, enabling me to recognise beauty, a “Rude beauty” in all imperfections

of our times. A Kind of blue love song , kind of effort to represent the „Rude beauty“ of the working class in opposition with

the capital global mass media pseudo culture in which just the superficiality of fame and richness allows for beauty. That

brings to the attention the forgotten face, a corner of the real life. The artist as witness of its historic time, as social

protagonist, as cultural interpreter.





Looking for a painting quality, simpleness, to reach a representation that can be told as honest.


Colours, mixed media, canvases, are my tools with synthesis of symbols, ideas, forms, related in our time in the most

broad way to create a new art piece, which is a new image I gift to the world.



This is a very important step of a long term painting project.



Zofia Blazko – Portrait 肖像

Her painting is characterized by an unusual sensitivity for composition and colour. She successfully brings individual nature out of

every character. She can convey the mood and emotions of models thanks to her remarkable sensitivity and mature workmanship.

She comes to China to continue her serials of Youth of the World, the Chinese part. To discover the diversity of 21st century and

similarity among different races. From which she reveal the transient and undiscoverable truth of human race.

索菲亚(Zofia Blazko) 她的绘画的特征在于不寻常地对颜色和构图的敏感性。她成功地表现了每个角色的独特的本质。

她用极强的敏感性和成熟的技术来传达她笔下人物的情绪与情感。到中国来继续她的一系列“世界青年”(Youth of the world


CV 艺术家简历:

Aline Ivars(阿琳 法国)CV:

Aline Ivars在她的工作室。

Aline Ivars lives and works in Paris.


Graphic designer and illustrator training, she paints and exhibits internationally for 10 years.


Her universe, fragile and powerful is populated by figures without ages, strange and surrealist, a gold wire seems

connect to the real.


Anchor ground and rooting in the reality of his travels, she is inspired by the earth and mankind to extract a universal poetry.


The choice of materials, rough, lost, daily, refer to a blunt truth where the artist selects every emotion that reflected

in her works.


The brutality of the savage earth and humans’ relationship is every time a pretext for take-off and reverie sometimes

melancholic, ghostly.


Deconstructing reality, she creates hybrid characters, the eyes striking, inviting human thinking another balance between

the earth and asphalt, light and darkness, tension and letting go as a reflection on the spatial and temporal existence of man.



Itis through artistic residences (Paris, Dakar, Beijing  ...), exchange places and creation, Aline Ivars impregnates from different

cultures and finds inspiration.


These extraordinary experiences the then transform into a sort of “sensory filter " devoted to Art.


Giulia Spugnoli(朱丽亚 意大利)

Giulia Spugnoli is painter, performer and arttherapist, graduate at the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence with the

maximum of votes in 2005 in Painting. She is dedicating most of her life to painting, developing her original eclectic

style. Since 2002 is organising and joining, on international level, several Exhibitions, Cultural Events, Experimental

artistics collaborations and Socio-cultural projects mostly concerning social, cultural and politic issues. In 2007 has

begin with the artist Mario Stagi to research in the field of performance working at the “Immagini di Vetro Projekt”,

an experiment on live painting projections, live digital sounds compositions and texts with poetic-critic contents;

whose purpouse is create a human poetic comunication process. Since 2009 lives and works between Berlin and


Zofia Blazko(索菲亚,法国)CV:

Individual exhibitions

2012 Painting exhibition, Jour et Nuit Culture, Paris, France,

2011 Painting exhibition, Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny, Warsaw, Poland

2011 Painting exhibition, Galeria Promocyjna Rynku Sztuki, Łódź, Poland

2010 Painting and drawing exhibition, Tekstylia , Gdańsk, Poland

Collective exhibitions

2014 Painting exhibition, Gare XP, Paris, France

2013 Painting exhibition, "Day(s) dreaming",59 Rivoli,Paris, France

2012 Painting exhibition, “Design OUT OFF”, Jour et Nut Culture, Paris, France,

2012 Painting exhibition, „ Portes ouvertes”, Jour et Nuit Culture, Paris, France

Plein- air

2010 20th International painting-sculptural plein-air ”Field of art” in Rodowo, Poland

2009 sculptural plein-air “the Map of Hevelius” Gdańsk, Poland

2009 painting plein-air, Chmielno, Poland

2009 19th International painting-sculptural plein-air ”Field of art” in Rodowo, Poland

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欧洲三女画家作品展-阿琳(法国) 朱丽亚(意大利) 索菲亚(波兰)
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