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【现场】Daniel Kyong(韩)个展“关于你:毒” 27日在上苑艺术馆

[2017-8-23 10:27:30]

【现场】Daniel Kyong(韩)个展“关于你:毒” 27日在上苑艺术馆

 Daniel Kyong solo exhibition in Shangyuan Art Museum

[Project Description]_Daniel Kyong

Title_About you ; poison / 关于你:毒

City: Beijing

参展艺术家/ Artist:Daniel Kyong(韩)

Opening:  2017.8.27/pm:16:00 

展览时间:2017年 8月26日日-2017年8月30日
Show time: 2017.8.26-8.30

地点:北京怀柔区桥梓镇沙峪口村 上苑艺术馆 
Venue: Shangyuan Art Museum , Qiaozi County, Huairou District, Beijing


Organizer: Shangyuan Art Museum

主题 Subject



因需要萌生的爱,对某位女子说着“没有她我无法活下去”。像一个礼物一样的爱,要给她幸福、安慰和保护。但是,欣赏之爱(Appreciative Love)只是默默地凝视着她,仅仅就是这样,因为有这样一个令人赞叹的女人存在的事实,而感到高兴。即使无法得到她,也不会完全沮丧,反而会想觉得相比完全不知道她的存在,知道就是好的。



This exhibit is about “you” that become a poison to me. The beginning of this story is about me, but I would like to focus on several existences around me that act like a poison. I cannot eat an apple because I am severely allergic to apples. Although it is not a poisonous apple that the Snow White ate, all apples are like poisonous apples to me. Having meticulous prejudice to and imbalanced diet on food, I hate the mushroom scent and don’t eat mushrooms.The mushroom scent is the same asthat of a pungent perfume for me. And I am also allergic to animal hair including dogs’ and cats’ and therefore, I keep myself away from any hairy animals. All my allergies are existence called you that will stay with me until the last day of my life.

The story is about poisonous you that should not be kept close or that come to be avoided.Existence called you is not something that approaches and comes close as necessity. It may be the necessity itself.The necessity is very similar to a desireand we already have too many desires.

It may be dangerous to bite an apple given as a gift. Simply staring at a catcauses eyes swollen because of the cat’s floating invisible hairs. The worst case is to mistakenly rub eyes after touching the wet nose of a dog.

Love of necessity tells, ‘I cannot live without her’ for a woman. Love of gift tries to give her happiness, comfort and protection. However, appreciative love soundlessly stares at her, feeling happy for the fact that such a marvelous woman does indeed exist. Appreciative love does not fully despair even if she is not yours, thinking that not having her is better than never knowing her.

In real life, thankfully, these three factors of love are mixed at every moment, leading to one another. Except for the love of necessity, none of the love described here may have not ‘chemically’ purely existed by itself for more than a few seconds. It may be because in the life of humans, nothing except for poverty is permanent.  

Poverty mentioned here is mental, physical and spiritual poverty, based on the reason that humans need for (long for) endlessly. With endless poverty, ‘you’ that always exists next to one makes one’s life dangerous and fearful with a poison in poverty.


1. Fall in Love/ 陷入爱情

粉红色美丽的蘑菇生长在巨大的鱼身上。山野中各种颜色和模样的蘑菇通常都是突然生长出来,但也会很快就消失,所以从古时候就吸引了人们的注意,古代的人们认为蘑菇可以使土地更加肥沃的‘大地母亲之饮食(the provender of mother earth)’或‘妖精’的化身,有着许多民俗传说流传至今。并且,蘑菇因其独特的香味广泛用作食材或药材,也有威胁人命的毒蘑菇让人害怕。古希腊和古罗马人非常喜欢食用蘑菇,盛赞为‘神之食品(the food of the gods)’,中国人认为是不老长寿的灵药。


Beautiful mushrooms in various colors are blooming from the body of a gigantic fish. Mushrooms grown everywhere in mountains and fields in different colors and shapes appear suddenly and disappear easily, which therefore, drew people’s attentionfrom ancient times. The people in ancient times considered mushrooms ‘the provender of Mother Earth’ that enriched soil or ‘the incarnation of a fairy,’ and numerousfolk legends of mushrooms were created.In addition, mushrooms, due to their unique flavors, have beenwidely consumed as food or a medicine. On the other hand, poisonous mushrooms have been feared for their lethal effects. Ancient Greeks and Romans enjoyed the taste of mushrooms, highly praising it as ‘the food of the gods’, and Chinese people have considered mushrooms seriously as a miraculous medicine forperpetual youth.

Mushrooms blooming from every corner of a gigantic fish look beautiful and useful.These mushrooms are propagated rapidly, generating strong necessity as if falling in love. Easily disappearing mushrooms, however, may also look like a mirage.

Mushrooms Blooming from the Body of Gigantic Fish _巨大的鱼身上生长出来的蘑菇_Polymer clay, epoxy, styrofoam_200*90*80cm (Installation of variable)_2017



The vast Forbidden City is filled with seawater. TheSunfish bloomed from a pink mushroom is unhurriedly swimming around the City as if it is the lord of the City. The Forbidden City where a lot of kings in China had resided is submerged into seawater with a brilliant golden rooftop. This place is filled with people like the sea is filled with water, and the people want to shine by themselves, rather than the Forbidden City, which may lose its shinning light without endless repairs.

I have gone through the time that no hope remained in me because of mirage-like mushrooms all over my body which was believed to be a poison.However, I think now is the time for me to live a life that those mushrooms do not become a poison to me anymore. Suicide happens whenever an individual shrinks his/her world by losing interest in another individual, place or thought, and losing hope is the most common type of suicide.And falling in love is to gain hope.

2. Need-Pleasures and Love/ 需要之爱


We should be careful enough not to say love of necessity is “merelyselfishness.” ‘Merely’ is always a dangerous term. Love of necessity, of course, can beselfishly indulged like other impulses. Atrocious and avaricious request for affection is indeed horrible. However, no one in life calls a child rushing toward her/his mom for comfort or adult finding friends ‘for dating’ selfish. Regardless of age, showing less of such behaviors does not indicate selflessness. Even if you feel love of necessity, there is a case that you should hideit indifferently or bear it patiently. However, if one cannever feel such love, he/she may bethe symbol of a heartless egoist. As we are the being who needs each otherin fact, not recognizing love of necessity, that is to say, deluding living alone for a good life, is a (spiritually) bad symptom, as in the case that having no appetite is a medically bad symptom for humans that essentially need food for survival.

It is the story about an octopus eating an apple and the Snow White who became a mermaid. The octopus that came to eat an apple for necessity is devouring apples without recognizing that those apples are poisonous. The Snow White thathad almost killed herself after eating a poisonous apple never came to eat an apple.

Octopus Eating an Apple I _吃苹果的章鱼I_Polymer clay, epoxy, sponge_120*80*60cm (Installation of variable)_2017

Octopus Eating an Apple II _吃苹果的章鱼II_Polymer clay, epoxy, sponge_120*80*60cm (Installation of variable)_2017

Octopus Eating an Apple III _吃苹果的章鱼III_Polymer clay, epoxy, sponge_120*80*60cm (Installation of variable)_2017


It is a story of ‘an octopus eating apples’. An octopus that came to eat apples by necessity is devouring apples without knowing that those apples give a poison. It is natural to recognize love of necessity, as we are the beings that need each other. The transparent octopus needs apples to fill her body because of poverty and becomes addictive to apples. The Forbidden City, a symbol of power and authority, welcomes numerous visitors. And ‘an octopus eating apples’ appearing at its front yard represents us in poverty.

Pattern of Apples and Pink Mushrooms_ 苹果和粉红蘑菇图案_ Polymer clay, epoxy, sponge_120*80*60cm (Installation of variable)_2017


The pattern of apples and pink mushrooms covering the entire wall means an addiction in the repetitive life. It is not easy to confess that you desperately need someone. Taking out apples and pink mushrooms filled in me one by one and attaching it to the wall is showing my obsession and confessing someone that I need that person. I myself also want to find a new direction while respecting the passion of people who continue their own search in the repetitive and obsessive daily lives. How can we soothe the hunger created by not getting full recognition, and how can we recognize those who are not like-minded? We should not be captured by the futility that longs for more understanding and more kindness of human beings.

[Gallery View_Daniel Kyong Solo Exhibition]


[Resume]_Daniel Kyong BIOGRAPHY


Born in Seoul, Korea, 1979

Studied at Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea

(1998-2002; B.F.A, 2004-2007; M.F.A)

Graduated from Joe Blasco Special Make up Effect Center, LA, USA, 2002-2004

Worked as a character designer at Samsung Everland.INC, 2004-2006

Taught at Chung-Ang University as part-time lecturer, Korea 2011-2012




1998-2002; B.F.A, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea

2004-2007; M.F.A, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea




2017  Shaungyuan Moden Museum_Art Residency, Beijing, China

2016  Altes Spital Solothurn_Guest Artist_Residency, Solothurn, Switzerland

2015  GEDOK Schleswig-Holstein e.V._Scholarship Artist, Hamburg, Germany

2014  CAN SERRAT A.I.R. BROCHURE_ResidencyBarcelona, SPAIN

2012  ‘Art Interview_ 27th International Artist Competition’, First Place, Berlin, Germany.

2012  NordArt 2012, Kunstwerk Carlshütte, Büdelsdorf, Germany

2012  Byrdcliffe Art Colony_Residency, Woodstock, NY, USA 

Woodstock, NY 2011  Santa Fe Art institute Residency, Santa Fe, NM, USA

2010  Art magazine Public Art_‘2010 PUBLIC ART NEW HERO’ selection of Artist, Korea

2008  "Xi An Arts Exhibition", Art Competition Sliver Prize, Xi An, China


Art and Literature Promotion Fund


2016  Art and Literature Promotion Fund for International ART Residency Program, Korean Culture and Arts Foundation, Korea

2015  The Support Fund of the Creative Art, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Korea

2014  Art and Literature Promotion Fund for International ART Residency Program, Korean Culture and Arts Foundation, Korea

2011  Art and Literature Promotion Fund for International ART Residency Program, Korean Culture and Arts Foundation, Korea




2016   Altes Spital SolothurnSolothurn, Switzerland 

2016   Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

2014   CAN SERRAT A.I.R. BROCHURE, Barcelona, Spain

2011   Santa Fe Art institute, Santa Fe, NM, USA





Solo Exhibition


2016  GOD II, Altes Spital Solothurn, Solothurn, Switzerland

GOD, Gallery 17717, Seoul, Korea

2015  DEEP DESIRE, KCYCLE_Speedom Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2014  DEATH, Gallery DOS, Seoul, Korea

       DEATH, 8th street Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2012  Mission 2, JungArtGallery_Gallery Jung, Bucheon,Korea

2011  A Mission, santoriniseoul gallery, Seoul, Korea

2010  Lovely Being,Gallery Artrang, Seoul, Korea 

2009  Giving Up and Holding, Art Projects MOONSTRUCK,Gallery ar the HYATT, Osaka, Japan

Giving Up and Holding, Space Hole and Corner, Seoul, Korea

2008  Promise, Gallery Velvet, Seoul, Korea

2007  New Baby Born, Moonshin Museum, Seoul, Korea

2006  The Heaven, Hakgojae, Seoul, Korea


Group Exhibition


2017   Space,  Korean culture Center of Washington D.C, Washington D.C, USA

        Coex C Festival_Art culture exhibition, Coex, Seoul

2016   Small Store, Kara’s Gallery, Seoul

Arry & Distraction, ART Space H, Seoul

2015   ’Wonderland, Never land’, Bupyeong Arts Center, Kkot Nuri Gallery, Bupyeong ’Wonderland, Never land’

2014   art market orotSeojin Art SpaceSeoul

2013   Cartoon art. Art in cartoons : Severance Art Space / Art Park, Seoul

 Art Market, Gallery JUNG, Seoul

2012   Our my own dream, Space bomb, Seoul

NordArt 2012, Kunstwerk Carlshütte, Büdelsdorf, Germany

       Something special, Gallery JUNG, Seoul

Magic Land, Yangpyoog ART Museum, Yangpyoog

2011  Show Window project_ White Christmas, Design Warehouse, Santa Fe, NM, USA  

ART IN RESPONSE, Santa Fe Art Institute, Santa Fe, NM, USA

       Dream of Butterfly, Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju

2010  ‘2010 PUBLIC ART NEW HERO’_ fly in Heyri, Art Factory, Heyri

Chung-Ang Sculpture Association Exhibition,The Yonsei foundation Severance Building, Seoul Art Seoul, Seoul Arts Center (SAC), Seoul

show show show, Digital Media City (DMC), Seoul

2009  Korea Experimental Arts Festival, Seogyo Arts Experiment Center, Seoul

Scales of the Dragon 2009, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival, Defense Security Command Old Building ,Seoul

Chung-Ang Contemporary Arts, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

2008  Chung-Ang Sculpture Association Exhibition, Gong Pyeong Art Space, Seoul

Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival, Seoul Railway Station Old Building, Seoul

Xi An Arts Exhibition, Xi An Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Xi An, China

2007  Park and Park, Seoul Foundation for Arts & Culture, Seoul

Spring & Waltz, Seongnam Arts center, Seongnam

Ne plus ultra,space Haam, Seoul

2006  the outside, Art space HUT, Seoul

Chung-Ang Sculpture Association Exhibition, Su-Won municipal Museum, Su-won

Formative Arts Contest, Chung-Ang University Art Center, Seoul

Ultra, Alternative Space Noon, Su-Won

eXistenZ, space Haam , Seoul

Marionnette, space Teumsae , Seoul

2005  And then there were none, Kim Jin-Hae Gallery , Seoul

Psychedelos, Art Center Dae-Han-Min-Guk , Seoul

research organization studying factors that comes into play in sleeping”

2004  1st Environmental Art Festival at Keum-Kwang Lake”, Keum-Kwang Lake ,Aun-Soung




北京·上苑艺术馆 “国际创作计划”(艺术驻留) 常年接受申请








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